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01.24.2013 , 09:57 AM | #136
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thought we had you in the CW.

Yeah that was damn close. We need to get our Assassins into outlaws and whip them into shape when it comes to cap stopping in Civil. *cracks whip*

But yeah between that game and the Ancient hypergates where we literally lost both nodes in the first round (to a 3 stealth, 3/4 heals team LOL) and somehow managed to win the game in the last round I'm not sure how I didnt have a nervous breakdown haha :P

But seriously, despite the crazy healy healy stealthy stealthy comps the Imp pugs that devil ran you guys really put up good fights and on another day could have easily have won. Good to see some names I haven't really seen before (sorry to alcmene US's own sorc healer who was in the pug group and took a whopping 800k dmg :P), definitely shows potential in imps to put together teams that can hang with full guild teams so long as they have some coordination which I believe was key to their success, props to devil and Vahilo for that.

We queue every wednesday with our main team at the moment and are looking to expand to running more diverse teams on Fridays if possible.