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I was very pleasantly surprised at the enthusiam of everyone that joined the ops group. I also thought the level of play we showcased was very decent for first timers.

And foxmob, see, Uncensored didn't completely kill ranked yet I'll try to convince Jinxs to post in this thread or the other one about finding some days where pug ranked will be planned and no full LD50 or uncensored will queue. I think Devil and I have shown our good will tonight, hopefully people will compromise!
I was pleasantly surprised with Devil last night. He set up PuG on the Imp Side, something i never thought Devil would do. He lost 80 rating! poor Devil.... I had a great time and so did the rest of the guys from Hakuna.

Now to adress the topic of Uncesored and LD50 days, I don't believe in such a day where pugs dont have to worry. I think the thought of us possibly if not probably getting a full team against us keeps me on my toes. Now, I dont think that those guilds should rely on smash and bubble, this would give us the fighting chance. Last night we did not use smash, but lost Very Very close games to those with several.

I think that fighting full guilds is great training. Playing against good players and compositions with good team work is, imho, the best way to learn and prosper in competitive PvP.

To conclude, I don't think that these full teams should be gimped. Now, i will miss Ilye, my master strategist, but, at least i know his strategies. For instance, last night in huttball, Ilye and Devil were both (on opposing teams) at the ball spawn ready with entrech, flashbang, and cover pulse.

So good luck, I am saving my ranked coms for looks not stats =p aren't i cool with my super tanky 21k health!
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