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I was very pleasantly surprised at the enthusiam of everyone that joined the ops group. I also thought the level of play we showcased was very decent for first timers.

And foxmob, see, Uncensored didn't completely kill ranked yet I'll try to convince Jinxs to post in this thread or the other one about finding some days where pug ranked will be planned and no full LD50 or uncensored will queue. I think Devil and I have shown our good will tonight, hopefully people will compromise!
lol I'm not going to sit there in a kick-ball pug against uncensored and ld50. no offense but...they win. good job. you're better. move along. as it was, there are so few imps that when some of the uncensored aren't on their own team, it's enough muscle to make a game of it with the unicorns relatively new team. sure. if they're in the queue with like 5 other options so it's not the same team every time. historically...that won't happen. the top guilds will weed out the field. the good players from the also rans will join one of the 2...maybe 3 top guilds. the same 2 or 3 grps will be in Q against ghosts.

hey, maybe that's not how it will go. as long as there are competitive matches (as in my team isn't getting rofl-stomped and spawn camped continually) I'll keep Qing. prior experience tells me that's not how it will go. but who knows? maybe I'm just butthurt cuz my guild's rated revival joined the kiddies in the pool and now the kick-ball is more or less caput.

edit: btw, thanks for the effort devil and the advice unreal. I learn a lot more talking with you in these things (as I do with cm et al.).
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