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How many sets of armor and weapons did you buy from a crafter since you hit max level?

If you could sell re-usable stims/adrenals to every other profession you could still make money. Being the only craft that could make health packs is still a way to make credis. Having one craft be the only one with any end game use is just dumb.

It should have been this way from the start. Armstech should have been making overcharged cells for more energy weapon DPS, and armortech and synthweaving should have been making armor boosts.

Think beyond your only craft that you take.
You forget that armstech, armormech, and synthweaving craft augments. Even the blue quality level 49 augments sell VERY well for a good net profit (and even if you do not have slicing you can get the blue quality sliced parts for a song because the market is so flooded). It is not millions overnight, but I generate a slow but steady income just from blue quality augments on my amormech and synthweaving characters.