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Well - that was unusual. Over last few days leveled again to 46 and whilst others on GAUNTLET appropriately died much quicker (have concentrated my allocatable points into Combat not Medic) SHORZEN was no change. He didnt level this time and stayed at 39. This included new "Force Unite" skill and Tech skill. Put in another Ticket AGAIN. Going back through my screen shots I realised Id been on the GAUNTLET since LAST MARCH !!! No wonder I got fed up and stopped playing in April (thought it was about June).
Last night was "in game" behind a rock and a helper-droid turned up and told me they wanted to sort out my problem and to head for GAUNTLET. Conversed in-game on help-panel (he didn't like whisper) he followed and watched. Level definitely seemed to have problems during this process (lifts disappearing, getting moved about and lost) but in all fairness he was apparently trying things out.

I explained Id had nightmares about the GAUNTLET - He watched me get killed several times saying he wasnt allowed to help to much. Then said it wasnt going to happen and he was going to try and "advance me on". This didnt work either. I tried again from GUNNERY ACCESS this time and he said to use "interrupt" weapon "Disabling Shot" when SHORZ was prep'ing his heals and flame droid. This still didnt work and my point was proved - I also explained I had tried all you guys advice inc. Med Pack / Ultra heals at least minute etc. Same thing kept happening. He said he had to speak to a Supervisor.
Then he came back and said had permission to "move me on" passed Shorzen. Of course I "bit his hand off" in the proviso it would take 30 mins to sort with me logged off. I told him I thought it was bugged and he said it wasnt and it was just a tough fight - I said I just must be "crap" if 2 Lvl 46' 1/2's cant do a single 39 even if elite? (he didnt say anything to that!)....

So anyway, logged back on and although Shorz was still there BUT it let me progress - you know those Crap back and forth scenes where you go to Gen.Garza, to Republic Fleet to Ship to General Gaza to Ship again? I have to say it felt like I had "cheated" a bit.... albeit with good reason.

Just exited ship to start next on next Class instance and BANG I WAS back in front on SHORZEN with TANNO !!!!!!! ...... I nearly had a nervous breakdown on the spot. I was just about to send another Ticket when my brain not heart took over and I attacked..... GUESS WHAT SHORZEN went down straight away and TANNO died just before he did. Only problem was I had to start above all over again with Gen.Gaza ! Needless to Say I didnt care and I didnt feel like Id cheated anymore. I definitely think they realised there was a problem?

Interestingly a few NEWBS on Coruscant "General chat" said about the same time they had lost all recent data inc. Creds on a "roll back" last night and some were even on about quitting. Blocked one cos he got abusive when a few of us told him to Chill the ***k out as its only a game (and I told him what I been through).... Did any of you have any issues around this time - any one think this is coincidence?
Soooo Finally, not sure to be totally embarrassed I was "crap" seeing as it wasnt bugged (right?) or just completely glad its over - PLEASE GOD DONT LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN next time I "lone meet" an Elite Boss - irrespective of Lvl! THANKS for all your help guys!