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Big spoilers of story for all characters types....

Let me begin, feel free to correct me as you read, yell back and call me names, I don't care and I'll do it to your posts anyway if I feel like it.

I've not completed any of the stages all the way through to the end. I will admit that now, I have had to restart over and over and over again because I get to a point and I have to redo everything from the start.

Starting with Jedi Knight, No force powers, no lightning, even Consular has no lightning, Yoda had lightning. I gather you are not silly enough to think someone pushes the buttons with a mouse. However for some bosses you have to puse 1 - 0 plus some and there is not enough fingers and with the Warzones they run around knowning you can't hit them with everything you got. Jedi Knight only has hit moves, hard to actually hit anything when you have to touch type. Knights have Stasis, the equivalant of Force Choke, as well as Force push. Two Force powers right there. Lightning is a Darkside ability. Yoda never used it in the movies, if that is what you are referring to.

Story Line.... Jedi knight is the fighter, so he is going around the place looking for the bad guys. Starts off on Corrasant I work my behave off battling Merchant Guild, Black Suns and the Rent a cops to kill a bad guy and have his father come after me. I spend my next Planets going to find someone who built weapons for the republic on Taris which is mean and cruel, Nashada where I went up against the Hutts who always screw you over by the way. to take on a Sith and something else in the prison, like I know or care. To go to Tattooine to do the same most like. I didn't get pass the Sith on nar shada because he cheats. Game cheats but I wasn't strong enough or had the right Tree going for me. So restart. Exactly how does the game cheat? Sounds to me like you were undergeared and probably didn't keep up with your skill upgradees either.

Jedi Consular did better at this one. once I got the hang of it I made it to Alderdon.. Is there going to be a be paid day when I free everyone from their curse and kill Tankus or what ever the sith is who is using peoples weakest moments to control their fears. Got to Alderdon no strong enough and that is with the war zones. Again, sounds like you did not keep your gear and abilities up to date.

Basically your story line is bogus, Consular is going around healing masters, plus I have a lizard and a womaniser from Nashda. Plus the Sith side has Revan, Revan is the bad good guy from the Xbox game. Who was Sith and had his memories erazed and became Jedi who fought Miss hottnest Brath or what ever it was after she turned evil after taking all of Revans evil into her. Why don't I get to keep the mask, if I am sith I want to keep the mask, Imperial and Bounty no need but Sith come on The Consular story is fine. Like the other classes you have to go through and gather you companions. There is nothing wrong with either Qyzen or tharan. The Sith also do NOT have Revan. Revan was a Jedi, became Sith and became a Jedi again, thanks to Bastila Shan. She did not turn Darkside by taking his evil into herself. I have no idea where you get this idea. You don't keep his mask because you aren;t supposed to. That;s how the questline was written.

Legacy, who is benefitting from them. All you have is you spend your money on useless things that you have to buy for each character in yhr Character perks and everything is is for Chapter two. How about something that matters. like making easy to know who to send what to and why. have a place to put the goods so I don't have to mail it to people. Guilds have a place to store stuff why not a legacy and a bank, so that when I use my 8 characters I can get things paid for quickly. Skill tree that I can only have one completele tree. add more tokens and allow us to finish all three trees when we hit 50. Even if we have all the tree finished we can't use more than what is physically able. Look at more posibilities, like using someone as a slave. like the robot that can't fight he can only do missions, how about making a few more that do the missions, or setup outside help for missions. I am tried adn I need sleep, there is plenty more to do to fix story stuff up with. but here something to start with.
Despite being able to decipher this, my head kriffing hurts. Your grammar is poor as hell. I can only guess that you do not speak English naturally. As to your complaints, sounds more like you make poor choices and that you also are not paying attention, therefore not grasping what is going on.