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It is a very unreasonable comparison.

For one, you picked the options to get there, you may not have meant to pick those options, but you did. The game only has a linear path to follow.

So to the game it checks the lines "Did they say yes? Yup! Go here." "Did they continue to say yes? Yup! go here!"

You may have accidently been picking the "Yes" lines, but you were picking them, and so your character very much was saying "yes"

I'd say it's much more akin to saying yes to someone and waking up the next day and wondering why you let it get that far.
So...if you act inviting early in the evening, you're asking for anything, and I mean anything, that may happen thereafter. You're the one choosing to send signals; there's an obvious conclusion. When you actually get near the ftb and find that there's a checkpoint where you cannot say no, it's entirely your fault for putting yourself in that position and you've got no one to blame but yourself.

That reasoning is unacceptable in real life and I think it excuses nothing in game. "No" should always, always, always, always, always be a permitted answer.
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