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You might have just stumbled on a bug.

I had something similar happen with my (female) Consular. I had had normal conversations with Tharan, completely avoiding any flirtatious remarks, and then suddenly he wants to end our "liaison" as if we'd been in a romance. I went out of my way to avoid anything like that, so it came as a huge surprise. I sat there blinking at the screen for a good five minutes spluttering about it to my partner, before putting in a ticket. It has to have been a bug, as far as I'm concerned. The GM was pretty unhelpful, I have to say. Now I can't talk to Tharan without getting that conversation, which I shouldn't be having anyway.

I really don't think this was intended.
I found the same thing, and decided to just play along on the basis that, while Theran is clearly crazy as I never had any form of liason with him, he does know how to blow up my hyperdrive.