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01.22.2013 , 03:39 PM | #2
biochem is more of a money saver than a money maker. That being said Exotech Stims(which are bought with Black Hole comes or the schematic also drops in SM? kp and ev) can make you a bit a of money. You can also craft implants which you can get from Kp and EV(most people dont buy this lvl implant nowadays) or r/e Black hole/dred guard. Still most people will use coms to buy implants.

Tbh you could probably make some nice money off of lower leveling stims and implants from suckers like me. Learn the purple schematics and fools like me will eat them up lvling alts. (my ******* spent 65k on an earpiece yesterday) But the implants i normally see anywhere from 20-50k.

edit: just noticed you have scavenging...... you should have gone with diplomacy. Without diplomacy you wont be able to make blue or purple patterns unless you buy the diplomacy mats. but, some of those scav. mats do sell pretty well