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I use them for leveling characters and giving them and other alts decent gear. Once I max out a certain crafting skill, I'll learn the advanced schematics and start selling them.

Right now the only character with a maxed out crafting skill is my Sniper with Armstech. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like Armstech gets any cool new schematics like Armormech or Synthweaving, so right now I'm just crafting the highest level weapons I have, Reverse-engineering them, and using the MK-6 Augment components to make augments.

If you keep up with your crafting on a fresh rolled toon, you'll easily be able to get some really good gear at the lower levels. I'm leveling a Scoundrel with Cybertech right now, and I've been crafting advanced armoring, mods, and earpieces for myself and companions. It's really helpful for keeping yours or your companions gear up-to-date.
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