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01.22.2013 , 10:12 AM | #2
So you wanna undermine one of Biochem's way of making money because you're too lazy and cheap to level a craft you find useful ? Damn. To undermine crafting, we have the Cartel Market. No need to come up with other ideas to further aggravate the situation.

Besides, if everybody can have free stims/adrenals 100% time, that kinda defeat the whole purpose of them, which is to provide a certain bonus for certain situations, a bonus you have to pay for (or work for) to have. They might as well add some sort datacron thing / quest that adds that stim/adrenal to you ability book and that would be it if you want that for everybody

Having free stims and adrenals 100% of the time is Biochem's perk. Leave it as it is.