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01.22.2013 , 10:00 AM | #8
No it is not broken again. I had to RE two items yesterday (armoring and mod). One took three tries and te other about 20. Both were 20%. That is no different from day one.

The system itself has a built in frustration factor. There is little joy in a quick hit, since the result is part of a process and you move on to the next level of REing or crafting the results. Long streaks of bad luck just stall out the game and you end up eating a lot of valuable mats in the process. After a long run of fails, when you finally hit, there is no sense of accomplishment but rather just relief.

I think the frustration is a question of mind set. I go into REing expecting the worst and often the system does not dissapoint in that. The two redeeming features of crafting are that at least when I get a schematic, It is mine forever and that I can make (at least pre cap) useful items that have value in leveling.