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Right now I have a character for every crafting/mission skill at 400.

Every other character I make is now bioanalysis/biochem/slicing. My 'crafting' characters are no longer my main characters. The main reason why is because I'm cheap and lazy. I don't want to spend time on my 400 biochem guy farming/crafting so that my other characters can be equipped with stims/medpaks/adrenals.

It's nice to have the stim buff up 100% of the time without having stacks of them and the ability to use an adrenal every time it comes off of cooldown.

The problem this causes is that it means that biochem becomes the only trade skill that is useful for most characters.

What I'd like to see is something like:
Reusable Hyper-Battle Fortitude Stim
Requires level 48
Requires Biochem, Armormech, or Sythweaving (380)

Reusable Hyper-Battle Skill Stim
Requires level 48
Requires Biochem or Armstech (380)

That way if a player thought that making weapons would make them better at DPS they could use DPS stims/adrenals, and if someone thought that making armor would make them a better tank they could use armor/endurance stims/adrenals.

Of course they would still need a biochem guy to make the reusable items for them, but I don't think we could take away schematics from any crafters.
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