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lol you guys obviously never did skillups in Everquest crafting. 100+ combines for 1 skill up was pretty common. oh and you had to click drag all of your materials into the craft box. some of the recipes had 9 items. ugh.

yeah REing sucks....but it could be much, much worse.
Of course it could be worse. It always can be worse, but how about we focus on making the RE much more interesting and fun mechanic rather than compare it to other awful grindan systems? For example each REing will boost your next chance by 15% - green items or 5% - blue items. I recently leveled up biochem and it took around 15 green stims to get blue schematic. Not very exciting.
Crafting atm in cases like armormech, synth and arti is useful only through leveling process(end game focus on making augment boxes... yay?) and in many cases you will level up faster than gathering mats and REing, making the purple item essentially worthless.