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01.21.2013 , 06:05 PM | #1
Is this mechanic broken again? Today I wanted to make some upgrades for a friends armorings. I went and farmed the mats allowing room for error and began to craft Resolve Armoring 13's in order to R/E to make her some blues of that level. No joking at all, Im at 26 made and R/E'd with still no schematic. I have never found it THIS hard to get a schematic before.

I tried to relog and make more but tbh, Im just too frustrated now to bother. I will try coming back to it later, but I wanted to ask is anyone else is experienceing this today, or if there is a known bug/workaround when its that obviously broken.

(Im a sub, so my chance roll is 20% and my odds are well below that right now, with still nothing)