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(Mr. Gonzalez is convinced that throw-away [Flirt]s are the same as full-blown romances, after all)
You've slipped this line in a couple of your posts and I wanted to address it as I think it's misconceived.

Here's the background of what I'm about to state, wrapped in spoiler tags for brevity's sake:


He referred to SGRs, not SGRAs, and I feel a certain amount of misunderstanding has arisen due to that truncated acronym. Some of the non-companion flirts result in a bit of fade-to-black action and I think that the use of 'SGRs' was, in this case, intended to refer to that (they're not arcs precisely, after all, but could roughly be described as romances).

Here's where I think the issue is: most of us (myself included) largely see no difference between the acronyms 'SGR' and 'SGRA' except, obviously, for the letter 'A'. When I use the term it's to refer to the companion story arcs and whilst I can't speak for anyone else I do suspect that most people consider 'SGRAs' and 'SGRs' to mean the same thing: same gender companion romance arcs.

I've started using the acronym SGFPs (same gender flirt prompts) to differentiate between the two. If Mr Gonzales were to address his position on the matter I suspect he'd clarify his use of 'SGRs' in the context of the comments you're referring to, Tatile, was to refer to non-companion flirt prompts.

I respectfully suggest that it's inaccurate to claim his comments mean that he thinks that what you call 'throw-away flirts' are equal to full-fledged companion romances. I likewise suggest that when he referred to SGRs he did so as it was the term being used in the Hickman Update and was referring directly back to that (swapping to a different acronym would have just confused the matter) but that both he and the Hickman Update are referring specifically to SGFPs going in with Makeb, and not that they're intended to be a replacement (or even particularly comparative to) SGRAs.

The only one who can clarify what he meant for certain, of course, is JovethGonzales himself.
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