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I have all of them at 400, and use all of them. Some more than others of course.

- Cybertech and Artifice I use all the time. Armoring, mods, earpieces, crystals. You never have enough. Mostly to level up my alts, or to sell off as I research higher level schematics. Followed by Armstech for the barrels.

- Biotech has come along lately and I use it, but mostly for the implants.

- Armormech and Synthweaving I use less. Because I use orange gear mostly, Once I choose my oranges there is little reason to change them. But many of them sell very well on the GTN.

I also run the missions all the time since I have been upgrading affection on all my toons to take advantage of affection boost on legacy. So the more presents, the better. So even on my L50s already at 400 I keep running missions all the time, for materials and/or presents. Nothing goes to waste.

Note : I have 8 toons, one of every class/faction.
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