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Thanks to EA's decision to make SGRs P2G, and not even giving us names for who will be SGR compatible, I've cancelled my sub. I may finish the Consular storyline eventually.... maybe. Done all the others. Did PvP. Did Flashpoints and Raids. BTDTGTTS (Been There Done That Got The T-Shirt).
I'm sorry to hear this CZ, but I totally get where you are. I'm enjoying the game for other reasons beyond the romances so I keep playing for the time being, but in this particular regard, SWTOR is a fail for me and I'm not expecting my view on this will change much.

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They've chosen to make more in-depth changes to the romance arcs in order to make them SGRA-capable so no matter how easy it could be with a few gender flag alterations and a handful of rephrased lines they're not going to do that.

blegh... more and more all that they said sounds like PR garbage to me, nothing more. What makes SGRs, so so so complicated that it'll take years of writing to make it "right" ? What makes writing SGRs such an uber monumental titanic endeavour as opposed to OGRs ? How is it that neutral lines, like the ones the game currently has for most of the romances, with little references to the PC's gender is ok, but only ok for OGRs ?

/rant over

(not aimed at you Kioma, I guess I'm just frustrated)