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I would like to see the option to change hair and facial hair. But face shape, body size, and even hair color should all be static and unchangeable.
and why not? this is just a game and people who like it but are blocked emotionally, estetically to play their characters because of look are leaving, and creating new characters just for the sake of look is a big "no" to many as it requires time, I understand that eager teenagers and other non working people definately would agree to any hardcore approach to many things, but those who are occupied with many more things than just games - seek a relaxation ( mostly ) in them, not challenge both physical and psychological ( no matter what kind of statistics you have, if your morale are downed because you dont feel connection to your character/immersion then you stop playing ). Every part of body should be changeable - and existing but not used facial options should be unlocked ( like I mentioned somewhere, Lord Scourge's face and jewelry ).
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