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I agree with most of your post, except this part. There was nothing magical about the SWG system. No reverse engineering needed. It was a crafting system and it worked a very specific way and was far from perfect, itself held down by legacy development that never got re-engineered.

It's not hard to design a crafting system just as complex and probably better, on the other hand to actually implement it is quite a bit of developer time, especially coding.
The only thing I know for sure is that SOE did, after the game got shut down, get their trademark approved for their resource spawning system.

As for a more "swg-like" crafting system, and this is coming from someone who crafted for 8.5 years in that game on many different servers, I don't think it has any part in this current existing version of the game.

Now, hypothetically, if (and it's a BIG IF) EA/Bioware ever develops a JTL-esque space expansion, I would love to see ship parts crafted like they were in SWG, with options to experiment choices from multiple possible lines.

Want a faster engine, you need to add some mass, or sacrifice some pitch/yaw/roll.

To make crafting individualized.

However, that involves creating what was called "snowflake" items and I don't know if this game was built to handle that kind of database strain.