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For current ToR empire the hierachy is; Emperor at the top, Dark council below them and then all the rest below various members of the Dark council depending on what their position is, the exception to this is Grand Moffs who are granted that position and power by the Emperor and have as much power and athority as the Emperor choses to give them, there are a few other exceptions such as the Imperial guard and Emperor's Wrath who are under the direct command of the Emperor and as such the Dark Council has no athorilty over them.

For Palpatine's Empire it was a bit diffrent since there was only him and Vader with no Dark Council but as it stands Tarkin as a Grand Moff was not answerable to Vader only the Emperor and had likely been given fully athourity over the Death Star but could probaly not have ordered Vader to do anything when he was not on the Death Star unless the Emperor said so. As for the Grand Admirals they were never fully intergrated into the empires chain of command (the process was still under way at the time of Battle of Endor) but most likely the order of command would have been; Emperor-Vader-Grand Moff-Grand Admiral as the empire had its military subordinat to the civilian goverment with Vader being able to give orders to a Grand Moff or Admiral unless they went against the Emperor's instructions or the Emperor had given them the athourity otherwise.