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01.18.2013 , 04:26 PM | #33
Another point on this topic, to me:

* The sith are too chaotic and selfish. They are far too predictable, the apprentice will always betray the master, the master will always try to kill the apprentice before that point, the sith wil nearly always do the selfish and most evil thing etc...

* The jedi are too good. They are just as predictable. Too many of the jedi are portrayed as following the jedi path too effectively and hiding emotion, always saving others, etc...

Honestly I think both sides need to be a bit more gray and less predictable to be more interesting. I want to run across some Jedi that are nearly as ruthless as the Sith and I want to run across some Sith that have soft spots and find sneaky ways to show it.

Far too much far Light and far Dark... I want the grays.