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So when you crit on a slicing mission you often get an "unlock" item, for say, treasure hunt or investigation: my question is this. Does what rank slicing mission you get them on determine what missions they are? For instance, if I get one or two unlocks from slicing rank 1 missions, and then start doing rank 2 missions, if I want to unlock all the bonus missions, do I have to keep doing more rank 1's to get them all?

Please explain the mechanics of this.

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As above, yes the level of the mission determines the level of the mission discovery item.

One thing I have noticed is that grade 5 Slicing Lockboxes reward Bio/Scav/UT missions.. All of the 340 variety(Grade 6 missions). While Grade 6 Slicing tends to award Investigation 340 missions at an alarming pace... So if you are seeking more variety, farm Grade 5 Lockboxes.

I also got some missions on my TH lockbox runs. I am not TH400 yet, but I still am checking out what it has to offer...
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