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This issue reminds me of a time (back in the 1970's; yes I'm that old) when NYC resurfaced the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (BQE) with an asphalt mix that included glass in the aggregate. Someone figured out that by adding recycled glass to the mix, the asphalt became stronger and therefore lasted longer. The flaw in the design was that it generated faster wear on the tires of the cars that drove on the surface. The NYC government had a choice to make - use the "glasphalt" and not have to resurface the expressway again for 30 years or use regular asphalt and have to resurface in 20 years. Guess which option the government chose? Yes, it meant that motorists who frequently commuted on that road would have to replace their tires more often, but the government saved millions of dollars over the extra life of the road surface. What killed the "experiment" was the glare the glass created.

The same thing can be said, of the RE system. The developers had a choice - implement a RE system where every trained schematic can result in a total of three blue quality and 15 purple quality, or spend extra time and resources (just before release no less because in beta there was a cunning tank) to figure out which schematics work with what primary stats and roles and filter out those that don't from EVERY schematic in every crafting crew skill. Guess which option BioWare chose? Yes, it means that we as players have to deal with artifact quality schematics with stats that do not match well. But maybe someday there will be a cunning tank and wouldn't it be silly to have to re-add those schematics they removed?