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I'm not looking forward to play a Consular. It looks like the only interesting companion, you get on Belsavis.
Consular has my least favorite companions by far (by way far).

I do like Qyzen though.

Nadia's cool but you get her so late.

IDK, maybe you'll think differently.

I'm replaying the class now and one thing that's kind of a drag is recruiting companions (I typically look forward to it).

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It will be interesting to start a Jedi Knight. It's the other force-using class on Rep side, but it's written by Hall Hood and so far I'm quite pleased with how he wrote the smuggler. I'm inclined to see his take on the force.
I actually think Drew wrote the main JK story but Hall Hood wrote the companions and some other stuff.

Needless to say, the JK companions are my favorite part of that story XD

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I can't really say much about the Jedi Knight's companions since I haven't played that class yet, but Doc seems interesting for SGR. Scourge.... not so much.
Scourge is a bad choice for any romance...for reasons.