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That's odd. While I didn't dig him, I don't see why he shouldn't be an option.
Should they rework old companions, they should definitely make him available, if only for OGR.
I'd think this would work better than SGR for him anyhow.
I wonder that about quite a few of them.

Zenith, Scourge, Tanno, Rusk, Talos, Xalek, Lokin, Gault and to an extent Scorpio. All human/nearhuman appearance, or at least no real different than the romancable Twi'lek, Vette.

Xalek may be the mask or not near human enough, and Scorpio because she's a robot, but her AI (from what Ive seen so far) seems to be a more advanced AI, I could be wrong on that. And they may just not want to do the humanoid/droid relation part.

But the rest, I don't see why not.