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01.17.2013 , 02:03 PM | #1
Hello All

I am sure many people have already had this problem and have either privately groaned or publicly complained, but I would like to suggest an easy change that would remove a source of considerable frustration from the research of new patterns.

It is simply this: change the research possibilities so that useless patterns are not a possible option. Let me give you a perfect example. I was expensively burning through blue cunning implants in the hope of getting a purple version. After a lot of time and money I succeed? However, when I look at it, the additional stat I got was SHIELD RATING. Anyone who understands this game has either had this happen to them or will. There is NO tank role in existence with cunning as its primary attribute. Three are cunning DPS and cunning healers .... no tanks. So now I have epic implants for cunning tanks ....

To avoid this why not simply remove such options from the table? Keep redoubt on cunning gear if you wish (who knows, someone somewhere may want it and at least it does have an effect), but shield and absorb rating should never appear on cunning gear since no cunning character can equip a shield.

Seems like a simple fix - one of those cases when a minor fix can save on major player frustration.

Thanks for listening - and know that I continue to love this great game and wish the devs and the community all the best.