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Just curious if you use your crew skills and what for.

Personally I do to an extent, but mostly just selling off schematics I can not use on GTN.
I just find them useless, I am still new to MMO and only been playing this a couple of weeks, and just do not see any point past free credits, or maybe I am doing things wrong.

For example my first character Sith Jugg I gave him slicing, artifacts and synth, all the cloths I made were rubbish compared to what I already got just by killing and quests, at level 22 I got feed up and gave my agent sniper armstech scavenging and invest apart from a couple of knives that too has been a fruitless adventure.

I have read the tuts here and elsewhere so no need to post any.

Just wondering if anyone actually uses them for something.
Leveling up, a bit although the stuff that you can make doesn't really speed things up much as mission rewards generally keep your gear relevant for the content. At level 50 I rarely do anything with crew skills because all the stuff that anyone would be interested in is BoP (except mods, enhancements etc.) and I'm not much for grinding out profits on minor items in the GTN.

Honestly, there's more credits to be made in selling the materials used to make things (including mods, enhancements etc.) than there ever is in the actual crafted products. So, I will sell materials garnered from gathering crew skills or dropped in OPS and FP's but I pretty much never use my crafting crew skills except to make the odd item for an alt.
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