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Why can I not craft Guardian Armor with my Cybertech until LVL 33?? And I cannot craft ANY Guardian MODS at all.

Im a tank and am leveling up two other tanks right now and this is very very annoying! Was this an oversight by the devs? You can craft any other talent's armor and mods...just not ST/End needed by that type of tank.
Now while I see your logic, you want to level as a tank bu their is no lvl tank gear. My first lvl 50 was a shadow and i lvl'd asa tank. Shadow tanking is pointless till lvl32, by that point you have tools to tank with. Did you also look at the difference between purple lvl 49 gear and tionese? Outside of the obvious jump in HP you also get a ton of defense stats.... for the first the first you will have tanking stats that are above base. With how the content is set up , mainly the endgame content requires tanking stats. Up to level 50 you can mock tank by just being in tank stance with a sheild generator.