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- Guardian (Commando/Force Wielder/Patron) Armoring: Yeah, none of these are craftable until Level 33. However, I've started noticing (as I've been leveling new characters again after getting a first round of 8 to or close to 50) that the armoring/mods/hilts/barrels you buy from Commendation Vendors are almost exclusively for tanks. Which means if you're a DPS or Healer trying to depend on commendations to keep your gear up to date, you're equally SOL.

So, yeah, you can't craft them, but you should be getting them as options during quest reward drops and can buy them with planet comms.

(Personally, having realized the lack, I've been taking pity on the tank classes, of which I have three myself, and using the comms gathered as my lowbie DPS and Healer characters to buy up the tank Armoring and put them up on the GTN for cheap. They sell like crazy, too.)

- Mods: I havent tested this one out as thoroughly, but a friend of mine has observed the 'tank' mods are the ##B mods rather than the A's Cybertechers can craft. Again, only available from quest rewards and commendations.

Yes. It sucks. :P
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