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01.15.2013 , 10:47 PM | #1
Yeah what's the best crew skills to use as a Sith Assassin tank?

I want something to help me in combat and boost my abilitys ect.. i'm not particulary botherd about crafting my own armor.. because i will get it from bosses anyway.

But i also really want to make quite a fair amount of money ^^.

Taking advantage of my Companions passive bonuses to skills would be nice to.. pref to take advantage of Critical bonuses rather than Efficiency.

Currently have

Slicing 400/400. I like this, the lockboxes earn me a nice proffit. I would prefer to keep this skill over all my others.

Archaeology 383/400. I'm neutral about this.. when i first got it back in the early days of swtor it was an awesome money maker.. plus i guess i like the artifact fragments to get those good gifts.

Underworld Trading 162/400. Same reason as above, when the game was new it was a very good money maker but tbh i don't really like this skill.

So.. what crew skills should i drop / take?