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If you don't mind I will take my leave. Excuse me gentlemen. He stood as he spoke, walked to the door took a small bow and left. He started looking for Ravna but stopped, out side the room where she was sitting. He felt that something was going on that he should not disturb, so he went back to main hold and sat down on the floor.

I am sorry for how I acted earlier. It was out of frustration, I will control better next time. He spoke softly. As a light blue form appeared in front of him, also sitting.

That is alright. You were working through the what the other voice had threatened.

It does not completely excuse my actions.

Still, you are forgiven. Come we will begin training.

What? I was not aware of such training. Rafeesh replied, very surprised.

Well you must be trained to control your powers somehow, and how to refine them.

Alright, let's get started. With that both of them stood up. The form shut the door which Rafeesh had entered by.

What first?

We will begin by controlling an object, using telekinesis. The form pointed at a chair.

I know this already. He said, slightly disappointed. He lifted the object with ease and held in the air waiting for a response.

While in the midst of a mental storm. At that point Rafeesh's head was flooded with images and memories.

He dropped the chair and fell to the floor clutching at his head as if in pain. After a minute he stood back, the flood had receded and he was feeling worn. I wouldn't exactly call that fair.

You did not let me finish. It was your own fault.

Rafeesh laughed, as he picked the chair up and placed it back where it belonged. Your right. He then sat down on the floor again, followed by the form. He closed his eyes and he lifted off the ground. Then the thoughts flooded, but he fought to keep himself floating. After about a short time the form stopped.

You have a question to ask.

Right. So if I can see then can anyone else. Sorry it is off the subject, but it is just one of those questions.

Yes others can see me. That is why I shut the door. Now try again. And then the form used the memories again. This will train you to be able to use the force under more stressful situations. giving you greater control.

Rafeesh could feel the torrent of memories trying to 'drown' him. But he fought, and as he did so, began building in his mind a wall to keep such floods from happening and holding back the memories. So the two forms stayed in such positions for a couple minutes.
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