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Goody two shoes or Marry Sue type of guy is always boring.Always the evil and the grey guy is interesting.In all franchises and fantasy/sci fi worlds.
Sith have always been more interesting than the jedi.
I disagree, the problem isn’t that the “goody two shoes” is boring but that you need a really good writer to make a story where the “goody two shoes” isn’t boring. The “goody two shoes” or in this case the Jedi usually fall in to two story. The “I’m going to save the day” store or the “I’m falling to the Dark side” story. Both of this stores we have seen over and over again nothing new i.e. there boring. But the sith empire, that’s new. I (not being a big EU reader) haven’t seen this before, it needs to be explained. How does bunch of sith work together? Why are they working together? How are they going to react to a “the world needs to be save” situation? Can a sith “fall to the Light side”? It’s new, different, and interesting.

In fact my sith warrior is a “goody two shoes” he uses his rage and hate for the republic to protect empire and its citizens form them and their Jedi allies. He does sometimes (ok, a lot of times) have to go against Darth Baras orders to protect the citizens and do the right thing. He also know that Baras is out for himself and not the empire but being a “goody two shoes” he will not directly defy him or brake the chain of command unless he has to for the good of the empire and its citizens. I know that some people will think he’s a boring “goody two shoes” but I find playing “the good sith” to be new, different, and interesting.

And more on the main topic I think that Kira Carsen is a very good Jedi character. She a good girl, likes to help people, not likely to fall to the dark side, but she doesn’t believe in the Jedi code. She thinks that the Jedi need to lighten up, and would like to see some changes made to the Jedi order. Not in the old dark side “I’m going to lead a revolt against the Jedi council” way but in a light side “hey council, let’s look at the rules and see if they need to be updated” way. Imo she has as much characterization as Darth Baras, or Darth Zash