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This is a great post, and your effort is amazing! In definitely going to use this for future references

Btw I noticed for the little sandcrawler and interrogation droid that it only required the alignment level to buy and activate them. So if I made light III to buy the sandcrawler and activate it, I could still summon it at Dark III for example? (Same situation vice versa)
Aww Thanks.

Actually, you can buy them at any alignment (unless that was changed in a recent patch, but I know I bought my Interrogation droid at the same time as my Little Sandcrawler and I could only use the latter for a long time)--only the actual using/activating of the Pet requires the alignment. And yes, if you go to Light III and activate the Sandcrawler and then change your Alignment to Light II or lower (including any Dark Alignments), you can use it from then on

I'm Light V and can use my Interrogation Droid so :3
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