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This sounds like an assumption as I've never seen a dev say that. It would actually be somewhat easier to use 4 or 5 already recorded Selath phrases and make the player read. Also what I've always thought they should do for non-basic speaking races is give a toggle as to whether that toons speaks basic or speaks their native language (I'd like them to reverse this for some current races, Twliek for example).

That's all assuming we ever get a non-basic race, which is a giant if right now.
From what I know of twilek language it involves alot of lekku manipulation. Easiest would be Huttese, Id like to here the bounty hunter use more Mando'a pharses mixed in with English same with mixing abit of Zabraki or Chiss if your playing as one of them. If they were to implement using Huttese or Selkatha as a main language for a character maybe add afew more pre-recored voiced sentences cause Huttese gets reused alot in one convo.