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Another reason to be wary of the anti-SGRA argument of "it doesn't make any sense for everyone to be bi!", or it is for me, at least.

I don't like the "bi" label applied here regardless. They are pretty much "herosexual" even now as they romance a generic PC (it's just that, now the game has gender restrictions on them because...).

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Ultimately I don't like that idea any better, though. The idea that my PCs are the sole moral guide to their companions really just rubs me up the wrong way. Why is it that I'm the ultimate arbiter of their moralities? Aren't they people unto themselves? Don't they have a will of their own?
It does make their story more engaging for the player I'd say. I don't mind it too much considering the medium (i.e., a RP story where you the player can shape some things about the story....I'm fine with that extending to NPCs/companions as well).