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That men are stubborn and intractable, and incapable of change?

No, that male companion stories aren't worth putting morality mechanics into along the order of Jaesa-style decision-making.

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Ultimately I don't like that idea any better, though. The idea that my PCs are the sole moral guide to their companions really just rubs me up the wrong way. Why is it that I'm the ultimate arbiter of their moralities? Aren't they people unto themselves? Don't they have a will of their own?

I have never liked it. I hated it in NWN, I hated it in KotOR. Even if it hadn't just been Aribeth and Bastilla it had happened for (say it was Galen and/or Carth), I still would have hated it.
<shrugs> In the Star Wars universe people - good people, righteous people - are corruptible by the Dark Side and redeemable by the Light Side. In the majority of the cases where a Force-using companion comes onto the PC's team it's as a peripheral or outright student position. A Force-user's Master certainly should be able to make an impact on their morality compass. That's one of the reasons I think that stretching something like that out over an entire chapter would be better. While hers is the only of its kind I've seen with Jaesa it's essentially one or two decisions in as many encounters that make all the difference. Now imagine her having her moral compass guided (or bent) over the course of a whole chapter. Imagine a Dark Side JK bending Kira, or a Light Side JC fending off Dark Side temptation to protect Nadia from corruption as she learns what it is and how to defend against it herself.

THAT is the kind of moral compass story I could get into.
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