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I would love to participate, I do love plotting and that stuff

Species: Sith
Name: Akorilis Abiggath
Codename (Optional): Fatt
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Facial appearance: RED
Allegiance: Dark Council Initiative
Profession: Rakhghouls, Tulak Hord Lore
Garments: Simple Dark Lord Armor
Primary Weapon: Lightsaber
Secondary weapon(s): Vibroblade
Miscellaneous item(s) (Optional): Vibroknife (self-made from artifacts found)
Personality (Optional): Has a cruel approach to hostiles, mainly confident and highly responsible. Also terribly good controlled spirit and slow talking.

Background: He was born on Tatooine, sandy and dangerous planet. He was naturally Force-sensitive, so he went to Sith Academy to train himself and become one of the infamous Order. As an apprentice, he was respected by his friends for calm approach to everything, aside from only one thing.... That one thing poisoned him, he doubted the current Dark Council members had a right approach to Galaxy rights and thought of a better future, with himself around. But that was ten years ago. Now he is well-grown Lord, and a member of the Sith Order. So he accomplished all he wanted, only one thing was still open... Becoming a member of Dark Council. So he ran through the Galaxy, doing mostly, by his thinking - very violent things. He became aware of some sort of power-structure within the Dark Council and he began to be an apprentice to one violent and cruel Lord, Lord Gerag. Lord Gerag forced him to do many things, but never anything that was too dangerous. He did not want to get him hurt, but mainly trained in all aspects of the Dark Side of the Force. Nowadays, Akorilis is travelling to Corelia to investigate well-hidden powerbase of another Dark Council member.
Akorilis - Sith Juggernaut Tank - 50
Alikara - Sith Sorceress Healer - 50
Angder - Sith Assasin Tank - leveling