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01.12.2013 , 10:42 AM | #201
Working on counts now guys. Will post soon.


Here are the counts as of my pet learning error:

Sage -18
Consular - 23
General - 8
Legacy - 20
Vehicles - 55
Pets - 50

Total -174

Companion-16 abilities may also come into play? I wonder if having a companion out when attempting to learn something has an effect. I definitely DID have my companion out when I had my problem. My counts do not take rank levels into account obviously. Additionally I have all "Other" Legacy unlocks and 9 total unlock character perks. My bugged pet would have put me to 175.

It's borked. 174 is pretty high though. I don't doubt it has something to do with it. Also I have ticketed this issue. WIll report whatever happens asap.
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