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Darkside Sith Warrior and Imperial Agent are pretty interesting in my opinion. I've only done the SW all the way through but really enjoyed it. It's worth noting that how interesting a DS character will turn out will depend on exactly you play him or her.

The BH story IMO makes no sense as a Lightside character. The storyline always involves cheating or murdering good people for fame and wealth. Playing Lightside makes the Bounty Hunter act arbitrarily merciful and honorable at some times and not others, almost at random. I've gotten about half way through Act 2 and never really found any consistent rhyme or reason to my character.
I didn't get that feeling from the LS choices. Not to mention your class storyline has you arbitrarily being merciful as part of the storyline (or else why would we have Gault or Skadge on the team And some could argue why would we have Blizz on the team).