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Not based on reactions no. But there are some romances that have lines that sound completely harmless but actually break of the romance. So I have no problem with letting my character say or do things that her companions disagree with but I would prefer it if I knew which lines would break of the romance.

Hm... For example Corso, I think he had a hidden line that can break it. He makes a pass at you being a little bit drunk, you can tell him to sleep it off thinking that your smuggler will seduce him later on when he's sober again. Unfortunately that will not happen.

Am I telling this guy "We'll talk later, now is not really the time" or "Never flirt with me again".
From a RP perspective, that's part of the roleplay. Consequences. He came on to you, you said not while drunk, he took that to mean not interrested.

What I think would be better however, is if the dialogue tree actually told you what you were going to say instead of what they actually give you as options.

Some of the options come off as snarky, but then fail at being such.