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My Warrior is the one I'm going dark with, though there has been some light side choices made So far, seems to be working out great

BH seems to come off better as mostly LS with the story imo. While I'm mostly LS with my BH (LS4 at level 47) BH just seems to be best if you go the honorable/noble route. Usually what gives you +Affection for Mako (imo) turns out the better BH story, though there are some DS options that give +affection with Mako, which I was shocked at (I was even all "Sorry Mako going to have to go dark side with this one" *+Affection* O.O! "What just happened?!" )

SI I see as being more the LS Sith option, but maybe that's because it's not only a slave that becomes a sith (and you're now working with the ones who were happy to make you one), if you go alien, they treat you like LS choices and anti Empire/Sith LS choices

Also, the scene on Nar Shaddaa at the later levels, counting down

Just loved that scene.