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I had a hard time with the IA story. I guess if you just accept that you're going to finish the story, you can enjoy it as a movie. But as an interactive narrative it left a whole lot to be desired. I generally fail to see how a rational being playing that class would do anything but escape and defect after Act I, Act II at the latest.

The whole set-up of the IA story gives you more reason than most of the Republic classes for hating the Empire and all it stands for. This is especially true if you play a non-human.

For me, as 'dull' as everyone feels the Republic classes are, they make sense. Jedi seek to combat evil, Smuggler is out to get paid and laid, and the Trooper is a consummate soldier. The Sith classes likewise make a lot of sense to me because they are effectively nobility so, of course, they have no problems with the system.

The Bounty Hunter made sense until the end which for me makes it very, very hard to believe I would still be working for the Empire. Which is why that character is effectively retired.
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