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When I undertook playing my light side Sith Warrior, I couldn't help appreciating (though I did not use, as my character was going in the opposite direction) the various options for actively antagonising Vette as a companion.

I'm curious: are there other companions which are interesting not just as "best friend forever" life partners, but as unfriendly allies in a problematic world which sometimes brings together the wrong people for the wrong reasons? It's something one seldom sees in RPGs.

The idea that the PC should always be kowtowing to those who fall in with him/her - that all characters will always seek the affection/friendship of every crewmate that happens to end up on their ship - it clearly doesn't jive with an even slightly realistic approach to characterisation.

So if we aren't just saying what our companions want us to say, all the time, it's great to have antagonisms and unpleasantries which are actually developed. From the bits of Dark Side I saw along my light side path, I get the impression the Sith Warrior storyline gave that approach some attention. Do other storylines?