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Although Slicing missions were nerfed badly ( I made about 2 million during the first few weeks when Swtor launched on a low level character )

When you played Imperial, do you remember that Aldar (spell?) fortress on Alderaan?
As a Republic character, ALL the NPC's in there are friendly and there's even a flight path to it

You can circle the side of the fortress that Imperial players have missions and get all (or most) of the slicing nodes without fighting and before any Imperial (cause they usually have to fight to get it), and make roughly 50k an hour.

When I played on a different server, I made a Republic character, and as soon as I got my Starship I headed to Alderaan! (also good idea to get your Slicing skill up a bit )

This was a while back when most of the Strong mobs (now) were Elites before, so I would always get to the Slicing nodes first...

After a few deaths (being like Level 15 and a aggro magnet there) , I got the fight path to the Aldar Fortress and started my Slicing run, laughing at the Imperials who had to fight their way to get them
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