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Just to confirm really, this is about the only way you're gonna profit with synthweaving. You could try throwing low level blue and purple items on the GTN since a lot of players with high level characters will buy lower level stuff up to gear alts, but Synthweaving doesn't really have the best end game demand short of augment kits and augments themselves.
You are so wrong here its ridiculous. Armormechs can make kits so much easier due to scavenging giving more free mats that the price of augment kits is so low and the grind is so long it isn't even worth trying on a synthweaver. I find my synthweaver to be my most profitable toon raking in 500k a day or more with extremely little effort. I am not gonna give away any trade secrets here cause I don't want anyone bursting my bubble. But real money in synthweaving is not in kits.