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01.09.2013 , 01:51 AM | #142
Sure is annoying, a year has passed and this issue haven't been addressed at all. Have written several tickets on this issue myself, each time I got a reply.. I was asked "can you please specify all the codex you find bugged?"
And the first time, which was on March last year, as I recall.. I was told I had found a new bug.. despite the fact that several topics on this forum already existed on the issue, as well as codex guides on other sites, informed "this and that Codex in currently bugged".

Reading the 2 replies from an official in here, makes me think.. more than 6 months ago is the latest and promises a near future fix. 6 months ago!?

Every day and from every patch update, I loose confidence in this games future, as every "game fix" appears to break something else and old stuff, like these broken codex' never get any attention, despite the fact that this game try to appeal to explores as well. Heck I recall the ingame loading message "Complete a whole worlds codex and receive an exp bonus!" Just too bad nobody could ever achieve that goal, as at least 1 codex per planet was, and still is, broken.

I wonder what happens when all the new "costumers" this game try to capture, figure out that this exploring part of the game is impossible to complete? How many will loose confidence in the game, how many will quit and play something that indeed can be completed instead?