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I would drop a name but apparently the last person who did got banned from the forums.
I'm not trying to instigate anything or revive that thread, I'm just saying don't assume everyone who claims hacks is a dumb***. The OP of that thread came back to defend himself and described what he saw in more detail, which in fact were not cases of predation or guardian leap to stealth. He said the player he saw jump to empty space with no one around was a sentinel, and the "speed hack" he saw was someone pretty much teleport from mid to grass in a civil war (cough, not a huttball) and cap the node in under two seconds. I was suprised, because civil war has always seemed stable for me and I've never seen anything like this. Sadly, this post was only up for maybe 10 minutes before the entire thread got deleted.

Should he have described these situations in his OP? Yes, because those are genuine weird occurances that deserve consideration. But, should he have pointed the finger at entire guilds? Of course not. Is it probably all lag anyway? Meh... regardless, exploiters and hackers get 0 respect and I still have tons of fun in PVP. I'm ok with this
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