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Underworld Trading: I only ever run Slicing discovered missions on this skill now, but it might be worth it to run the Abundant Grade 6 Metals for crits for Mandalorian Iron.
Have fun!
I dropped UWT for this very reason. Even on a character with +crit to UWT I hardly ever crit grade 6 missions. I picked up Diplomacy instead. Rank 5 companion gifts can go for 15-25k for purples and you get tons of rich yield missions. Enough to send all 5 companions out just getting companion gifts. But normally I send out 2 guys on the rich rank 5 slicing missions and then rotate the other 3 either doing rich companion gifts or medical supplies. Also dont neglect lower level materials. Search the AH and see if they are selling. People need them to make low level purple implants so they can sell for quite a bit. So much so that all my characters now have Diplomacy and on one of them I reset it to 0 every time I hit 400 just to level it up again for low level purple mats. Making way more credits than I ever did with UWT.