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There is sometimes an interface bug I get, a relog should clear it, otherwise the reasons for this which are valid could be: max amount of companions doing something, 5 items can be queued for one companion at a time, you cannot craft items on a particular companion if he's currently otherwise busy i.e. gathering or selling junk.
- Companions are not doing anything (I am however able to send my companions on gathering missions. The only issue seems to be with Cybertech)
- Im a Sub holder
- No items in queue
- Cybertech items show that I can create multiple items (I have the mats)
- Clicking on any item in order to create does nothing (No errors, no warnings, nadda.)
- Iv tried logging in and out several times, this time Ill stay logged off for a few hours, see if that does something.

Its weird, Ill wait it out. Was just wondering if anyone else has seen this type of issue.